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Новости «Симбирские печи»

Закончилась сборка Установки УЛВБ мод. 5895Н

Команда ООО "Симбирские печи" закончила сборку УЛВБ 


Предназначена для производства отливок колес турбины турбокомпрессоров и других деталей из жаропрочных сплавов на никелевой и кобальтовой основе. В установке отсутствует плавильный тигель. Все операции плавки металла и заливки форм автоматизированы.



Производство "Колёс для транспортных тележек и железнодорожных кранов"


Установка литья в вакууме бестигельная (УЛВБ)

ООО «Симбирские печи» начали изготовление, сборку и наладку машины - «Установка литья в вакууме бестигельная (УЛВБ)» для производства крыльчатки турбины двигателя, по заказу ООО Литоформ на поставку ПАО КАМАЗ


LLC “SIMBIRSK FURNACE” has been founded in 2011 year for realizing projects of formulization and construction of equipment for foundry industry.

At the beginning, the founders formulated and constructed series of direct current electric-arc furnaces (DC Arc Furnace).

Our specialists also draw up and manufacture production tooling like press moulds, block moulds and molding plates, used for different foundry technologies: lost foam casting, cold solidified liquid, vacuum membrane pressing, low pressure casting, nonferrous casting to chill moulds and chill casting machine.

One of the first serious project our company managed for joint stock company “Hydraulic valve” in Ulyanovsk. We elaborated and manufactured castings with open canals, hydraulic distributor PE10 of cavity less casting. A successful completed project resulted in creation of the new distributing canal 2РЕ10 with better characteristics.

In 2011 LLC “SIMBIRSK FURNACE” signed an agreement to draw up and manufacture production prototype of DC Arc Furnace-0,24-А1

Process of formulation was running in collaboration with scientific workers of Ulyanovsk State Technical University. As a result, a customer received:

Construction project drawing and specifications for construction and organization of melting compartment in Izhevsk city at LLC “Avangard-ZVL”;

direct current electric-arc furnace DC Arc Furnace-0,24-А1;

technological documentation for cast iron production of various types made of culls, and especially of waste iron;

production technology of getting synthetic and foundry cast iron from processed raw materials ;

production technology of getting different types of steel from mechanical manufacturing industrial waste;

production technology of getting aluminum alloy from aluminum facings and metal junk;

production technology of getting coper alloy from facings and metal junk;

different foundry machinery and accompanying documentation;

technology of cold solidified liquid of various types;

technology of cavity less casting

In 2012 our company certified our production and got a certificate №08180563 and “Declaration of conformity”.

After furnace startup at customer’s platform, Federal Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia sent and representatives of an expert panel checked the test run. As a result, LLC “SIMBIRSK FURNACE” was granted with “Authorization for the use of №РРС 00-050560" DC Arc Furnace-0,24-(0,63, 1,2)-1(2) on the territory of the Customs Union.”

According to the assignment with LLC “Avangard-ZVL” in Izhevsk city, LLC “SIMBIRSK FURNACE” (hereinafter LLC “SF”), developed techno-economic justification and technical requirements for organization of foundry engineering with cavity less casting and cold solidified liquid technologies.

Constructing the foundry building and test running, LLC “SF” specialists taught LLC “Avangard-ZVL” workers how to form and melt different alloys in DC Arc Furnaces. They also taught how to implement various technological materials and methods of their appliance on facilities.

In 2012, LLC “SF” took part in establishment of techno-economic justification for the opening of foundry complex “Sarapulsky electrogenerator factory”, which capacity is 1200 tons of precision casting of different alloys.

Presenting techno-economic justification our company in a close collaboration with Public Company “KAMET”, Kiev Institute of foundry technologies, prepared a process design of the project “establishment of a foundry complex Open Joint Stock Corporation “Sarapulsky electrogenerator factory”. The startup was in the 4th quarter of the 2014 year.

Through the request of Public Company “KAMET” and Open Joint Stock Corporation “Sarapulsky electrogenerator factory”, LLC “SF” worked on and produced a set of equipment for pattern platform using technology of nonferrous casting.

In 2012 -2013 LLC “SF” in conduction with Public Company “KAMET” (Ukraine, Kiev city), "NEUHOFgiesserei" (Germany) and LLC “NITZ” (Ulyanovsk city) developed a pouring line mold using nonferrous casting technology for Open Joint Stock Corporation “Sarapulsky electrogenerator factory”.

In 2013 LLC “SF”, made techno-economical justification and technical specification for establishment of a foundry complex for closed joint stock corporation “New technologies and equipment’ in Murom city.

From February 2013 till May 2014 specialists of LLC “SF” made an analysis of acting national and international grinders of solid minerals. As a result, by order we made beater mouldings and casings from the special cast iron so that the customer was satisfied.

Finally, by this work we created a foundry manufacture in Tula city, with 720 tones capacity per year.

In 2014, LLC “SF” in conduction with Public Company “KAMET” held a seminar teaching specialists of Russian aircraft industry to work with forming technologies of nonferrous casting and cold solidified liquid. As a result, “Sarapulsky electrogenerator factory” and LLC “SF” signed an agreement to perform engineering services. Thanks to work on that project, our specialists made technological tooling and technological guidelines for production of crust model.

Also, in 2014, LLC “SF” made statement of work for engineering and establishment of foundry factory, with capacity of 3600 tons of high-duty cast iron, making use of direct current electric-arc furnace and automatic line with technology of vacuum membrane.

We drew up a technological planning of equipment layout, which helped to figure out the requirements for buildings construction and communications set.

Our company organized the seminar in Kerch city “Kerch turnouts factory”, where LLC “SF” and Public Company “KAMET” prepared, produced and started up the working line of vacuum membrane technology.

The agenda included questions of casting quality, real efficiency of a line, safety level, maintainability and experience of using consumable materials. At the end of the seminar, it was decided to develop simultaneously an up-graded line and share duties between LLC “SF” and Public Company “KAMET”.

In summer of 2014 year, LLC “SF” signed a contract with public company “Tyazpressmash” (Ryazan city, Russia) to produce and deliver equipment for pattern platform using technology of nonferrous casting and also to work on technological process and implementation to manufacture program of special goods. We also signed a protocol on acquisition and promotion of a new line of vacuum membrane technology.

In October 2014, LLC “SF” signed a contract and prepared technical requirements for public company “UKPB”, to develop fitting-out and manufacture production series of special construction moulds.

In November 2014, LLC “SF” signed a contract with public company “Tyazpressmash” to organize manufacture of more than 2000 special products per month made of high-solid cast iron using technology of nonferrous casting. The work was set on the territory of the factory. LLC “SF” used the local equipment and set the new one there.

Specialists are well-skilled in manufacture of crust models, made of Japanese and Chinese copolymer. Process is going on the equipment produced by LLC “SF”, and which are based on autoclave and prefoaming device. It resulted in ability to produce low carbon free steel and details from different types of high-solid cast iron.

In 2015, LLC “SF” did a preparation work and manufactured set of tools for production of universal gating system for nonferrous casting technology.

In January 2015, LLC “SF” signed a contract with public company “Tyazpressmash” to manufacture per month 2000 special products made of high-solid cast iron using technology of nonferrous casting.

In August 2015, by the request of “Sarapulsky electrogenerator factory”,

LLC “SF” signed a contract to develop and produce “drying box” for drying painted crust models using nonferrous casting technology.

In November 2015 firstly produced special tools were tested by factory QC department and were passed.

In December 2015 all the details were accepted successfully and put into production.

Currently, in order to develop further manufacture and improve knowledge and get skills, the LLC “SF” Founders have decided to build in Ulyanovsk city techno-scientific center teaching how to work with lost foam casting, cold solidified liquid, vacuum membrane pressing, low pressure casting, nonferrous casting to chill moulds and chill casting machines, and also how to deal with DC Arc Furnace.

We are already building casting and mechanical plant, with capacity of 3600 tones per year and 800 kg of casting weight.

The startup is planned for March 2016.




Chief Project Engineer

Mr. AleksandrV. Kotovich